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Hawkvision is the leader in the security industry – Setting The Standard and providing factory direct pricing to the general public. You’ll be hard pressed to find prices and service like this anywhere else! Why? We buy much of the security equipment from direct manufacturers, so you’re cutting out the middle man! Additionally, you’ll be pleased to note we provide (at minimum) a three Year Warranty on our CCTV cameras and products.

Our friendly representatives are also experienced technicians, available to help you make the correct choice in putting together a personalized and professional security system at low cost.

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With more than 102 sales and service centers across the world, Hawkvision has achieved a distinguished name in the security & surveillance industry within a few years.


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Wireless CCTV systems to smart analytic CCTV, and from burglar alarms to remote video monitoring, SSAIB-regulated 24-7 CCTV Security Ltd protects businesses and homes.

Hawkvision is the leader in the security industry – Setting.The Standard and providing factory direct pricing to the general public over 10 years

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Hawkvision uses state of the art technologies for its customers. We are accredited from different Security organisations in Australia such as ASIAL, Victorian police etc. All our installers are fully trained and accredited with proper license and registrations. There are no backyard installs. All our sites are fully insured with public liability and work cover.


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