How Hawkvision has helped Various McDonald’s franchises secure their premises?

We have installed 32 6mp IP Dahua dome cameras in various locations to capture and record all events at McDonald’s.

We have also positioned CCTV cameras in entry-exit areas, multiple counters, common sitting areas, Toilet Airlock, Kitchen Areas, Storage Areas, Drive-Thru Ramps, Order Pickup Spots, Waiting Bays, Customer Parking Areas, Loading Docks and Common Walkways.

With these systems, franchisees were able to get all incidents recorded for up to 30 days. Besides this, they were also able to track all employees for WHS systems implementation.

We have installed Bosch 6000 alarm system with motion sensors at entry and exit, glass break sensors in common Dining, play areas and drive-thru windows to monitor any glass breaks. Door sensors at the back door monitor if the back door is left open for too long during deliveries and normal operation hours.

Additionally, we have installed a duress button under each counter and office room in case any armed robberies occur; employees can trigger a duress alarm to notify the monitoring station and send police on-site to stop armed robberies.

We have installed door access control systems at entry and exit doors and office doors with access to certain employees.

All employees have their fob, which gives them access to the backdoor, employees access through the backdoor to start their shift and suppliers use the backdoor during the early morning to drop deliveries. With this, we solved the franchisee’s access problem before the systems were installed; they had to be on-site when opening the store or receiving any deliveries.

We have also installed a PA Speaker System around the property with managers playing radio music throughout the store. We have installed ceiling and surface mounter speakers in common sitting areas, outdoor patio areas, kid’s play areas and kitchen and storage areas, so that employees can enjoy music while working

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